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Brent of England - Tattoo Artist

Brent started tattooing from an early age and has been tattooing for around forty years now. When he was about 15 he had no idea that you could get tattoos in England, that they seemed the sort of exotic thing that you might have to go to Egypt or somewhere like that for, but then someone took him to see tattooist Lenny Wolf in Luton. There Brent got his first tattoo. It was a swallow with 'Mum' written on it and it cost 7s 6d, and he decided that it would be his last as it hurt so much.

However, like so many others, he was bitten by the bug and went back the next week for more and, over the next couple of years, he accumulated lots by various artists. Brent's desire to actually be a tattooist continued to grow and he tried again and again to get a foothold in a business that has always been a bit of a closed shop. Even finding equipment was very difficult and the first lot he was able to buy were not up to the task.

Later he met Ronny Ackers who offered to teach him to tattoo for the princely sum of £50.
Over the next couple of years he worked from home, tattooing friends and acquaintances. He was starting to meet people in the tattoo world and in 1975 he took a leap of faith and opened the tattoo studio in Dunstable where he has been to this day.

Brent has said that his long time associate Dawn was instrumental in helping him get started as a proper business, and both were recognised with many awards for Tattooing and their artwork. After many years, Dawn returned to the studio and, working alongside Brent, has added her own creative flair to Tattooing once again.

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