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Dawn's Award winning photo

Dawn's profile - Artistic Director and Tattoo Artist

Since her mid-teens, Dawn has been pursuing many various creative pursuits. Today she takes an active part in running the Tattoo Studio; advising our clients and creating specialist pieces as well as tattooing in her own unique style.

Dawn worked alongside Brent from the late 70s into mid 80s, designing special pieces and custom work individual clients, and taking inspiration from the legendary Ed Hardy at the time. Brent says that Dawn was instrumental in helping him get organised and setting up the Tattoo Studio in Dunstable. In 1982 the joint efforts of Brent & Dawn won several prestigeous awards, including 'Best Tattooed Female in Great Britain' (Designed by Dawn / Tattooed by Brent). Work also appeared in the National Museum of Photography and was featured in The Times.

A growing interest in Psychology and alternative therapies led Dawn on a different path. She moved to London where she spent a number of years whilst never losing contact with Brent, and continued to design pieces occasionally for the Tattoo Studio as well as portrait work for other clients.

Dawn rejoined the team at Brent's Tattoo Studio about 4 years ago. She was also happy to embrace the new technology, taking up with a brand new innovation in tattooing, Neuma air-powered tattoo system which resembles a large pen or brush.

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