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Brent's Tattoo Studio
Frequently Asked Questions

If you're curious about tattooing and want to make your mind up about a few things we can offer plenty of answers and dispel a few popular myths too.
If you would rather talk to someone in person we are always available to give totally honest, unbiased advice as to what is best for you. There isn't much about tattooing we don't know we'll give you the absolute 'low-down'.

Make An Appointment!
We prefer to work by appointment. This allows us to focus on your requirements and to give you a more personal service.

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Hours of Opening
Studio hours can vary but are generally from 10.30am until 6pm
(except Tuesdays & Sundays)


Q: What kinds of tattoo designs can I choose from?
A. The choices are almost endless! For your first step you could browse some of the galleries on this web site or pop into our studio where we have volumes of an overwhelming variety of tattooo designs. You don’t have to make an appointment for this – just drop in and ask to look at a book of designs. Think about what inspired you to want a tattoo, or what it was you liked about someone else's tattoo. A well thought out and wisely chosen tattoo design can say a lot about who you are.

Q. When or where can I schedule an appointment?
A. We work on an appointment system in order to give you our best attention. It is better to visit the studio in person or telephone us during working hours, and we will book you in.

Q. Can I talk to someone first?
A. Absolutely! We are open, friendly and are always willing to discuss any aspect of tattooing with you in person, at the Studio. It is always good for you and your tattooist to meet before tattooing, where you can choose a design and we can advise you on what looks best.

Q. Can I book an appointment Online?
A. No. We do not particularly enjoy answering lots of email enquiries. All appointments should be arranged in person and at the studio where we can discuss your ideas, assess the artwork, size, placement, and then tailor it to your requirements.

Q. How much will my Tattoo cost?
A. The cost of the Tattoo is dependent on size, design, complexity of detail, colouring etc. When we have decided on what is required we can give you a specific quote. Brent's Tattoo Studio offers fair and competitive pricing based on the value of our creativity and years of experience.

Our FAQ section is currently being updated and more pages will be
added here at a later date.


Click here for more info about tattoos,and helpful guidelines.


Recommendations prepared by professional tattooists working together with local, and national health & safety authorities.

Brent's easy-to-follow aftercare
program will ensure that you get
the best results every time.

If you're curious, Brent's
frequently asked questions
section will elucidate.

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